Safe Health Certification

As the name suggests, Safe Health is an international consumer-centric initiative to promote high-quality, healthy, natural consumer products and services. Safe Health Certification is a gold-standard benchmark for reputed brands and organisations who produce clean and healthy products, which have been thoroughly tested with proven results. We empower Conscious Consumer Choice. Our work helps build a world with healthier and happier citizens.

Safe Health Certification Stamp denotes:

  • The product is not a general product but a genuine health/wellness product that deserves attention.
  • The product must be consumed/ used in the interest of better health and wellness.
  • The product safeguards from related health ailments.
  • The product offers enormous health benefits.
  • The products try to avoid or limit the use of preservatives and other chemicals
  • The product is the best in the category. It scores high over products available in the market in terms of safety and efficacy.

Safe Health Certification Stamp promises:

  • Attention
  • Credibility in the claim (reason to believe)
  • Additional stronger reason to buy the product
  • Distinct and definite edge over competitive products

Who should go for Safe Health Certification Stamp?

  • Category Inventor to state the importance of the category and the product
  • Health/ wellness brands looking out for a strong differentiator
  • Category leader to maintain the leadership
  • Rx brands going OTC
  • OTC brands fighting against Rx products

How to get Safe Health Certification Stamp?

  1. Reach out to us. Please submit your details to the below email id.
  1. Safe Health Expert Panel shall review the product by conducting a health study at a NABL-accredited, USFDA-approved Lab
  1. Basis the results, Safe Health Certification is awarded for the product
  1. A formal MoU is signed mentioning the duration and other terms and conditions

How long does it take to get the Safe Health Certification Stamp?

It depends upon the specific product and its health claim. Usually, it takes between 30-45 days for product evaluation after the final discussion.

What is the fees? Is it annual?

Yes, there is an annual certification fees which is same for all the products. The fees for health study to evaluate the claim of the product may differ depending upon the number of factors.

In case you need any additional information, please feel free to write to us at