There was a time when drinking packaged fruit juices was considered a novelty. The money was hard-earned, the drink expensive and nutritious and options few – sadly, all of that changed in the last few years and what is available today in the name of fruit juice is nothing but sweetened water.

The biggest problem with juice, if we are to pick one, is the lack of fibre. If you go to a doctor or a nutritionist or a dietician, they will all advice you against drinking Packaged Fruit Juice and will push you to eat raw fruits instead. When you eat a whole apple, the sugar is ‘nicely balanced’ by the fibre, giving your liver a chance to fully metabolise what’s coming in. But when you gulp down half a pint of apple juice, it brings nothing but a huge dose of energy straight to the liver, thus giving you an energy rush and lots of calories.

Mr. Rao, a frequent traveller, recently published his thoughts in a blog wherein he says – “The travel show was so hectic with clients coming in one after the other that I had no time to eat anything and the only option I had was packaged juice, which my back-end staff kept offering me. As a result, not only was I feeling bloated by the end of the day but also feeling extremely queasy because of it. I think I will go off packaged juices forever…”

According to Dr. Sonakshi Banerjee, a known nutritionist, “One of the major reasons for the rising Type B Diabetes in children is the high-sugar intake diet – a major source of which is packaged fruit juices. They are nothing but sweetened water that gives an instant sugar-rush to children making them feel full and energetic. However, that energy is short-lived and is in fact doing them more bad than good in the long run.”

So, say no to packaged juices and shift to eating raw fruits or fresh juices drawn at home.

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