What is Safe Health?

Safe Health is a global consumer initiative towards promoting healthy, natural, clean, high quality products from food to FMCG-goods, from personal care products to health & dietary supplements, and other goods and services that follow sustainability practices and are committed to advance the health and well-being of people, animals, plants and mother earth.

What do we do?

We empower Conscious Consumer Choice. We partner with consumers, leaders, governments and product companies around the world to encourage, advance and promote healthy products and services and advocating for meaningful public policy. Our work helps build a world with healthier and happier citizens.

Why are we here?

We strengthen consumers to make well-informed choices by providing them right, relevant and scientific information about healthy, natural, clean, certified products and services. We strive to identify, select, establish and verify the health claims of products in larger consumer interest.

Using the strength of our consumers, we nudge the finished product companies, raw ingredient suppliers and manufacturers, consumer organisations, retailers and wholesalers to go for natural, clean, high quality products, adopt sustainable practices, invest in advance research and education to improve consumer health.

Safe Health aims to become a forum of continuous dialogue, unique partnership between companies and consumers and governments


How it Works?

Explain Your Query

Feel free to write about any health query, seek information about a health product category, diet, study, research or any topic under the Sun for our health experts, social scientists and members to give their advice or views.

24-48 hr Response Time

Our algorithm matches you with the best available health expert right when you need it, so you get most appropriate responses.

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Need detailed advice or clarification? Get in touch directly! Safe Health charges nothing.

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